Europäische Weltraumindustrie: Zwischen Kollaboration und Konkurrenz – “Der Standard”-Article

March 20, 2024 | Media

As part of the “Junge-Akademie-Blog” of the Der Standard Newspaper Nina Klimburg-Witjes, Philipp Kürten and Kai Strycker give an overview of the current situation of the European Space Industry. A new global space race has ignited, sparking ambitious visions for humanity’s future in space by both commercial and state actors worldwide. Geostrategic considerations are central to this race, as Europe stands at the precipice of deciding its role in this new era. Even though Europe has historically focussed particularly on scientific space missions recent shifts indicate a changing landscape, with space exploration and strategic rationales now playing a pivotal role in Europe’s global positioning amid intensifying competition for space dominance. Read more here.