Conference-Panel: Contextualizing the Future of Near-Earth Space

March 26, 2024 | Talks

On April 12th, Nina Klimburg-Witjes, along with her colleagues Xiao Shan Yap (EPFL) and Claudia Röösli (University of Zurich), will address the challenges confronting the global space community due to the growing congestion of near-Earth space. This discussion is part of the “The Future of Near-Earth Space” conference hosted by the Istituto Svizzero.
The panel looks at the various entanglements between near-Earth space and Earth. It discusses what breakdowns of satellite- based services could mean for research and everyday life, how terrestrial and extraterrestrial sustainability have long become inseparable, and how the pollution in outer space and geopolitics on the ground are shaping each other.

More information and all further details can be found here.